Detects the vehicle and recognizes it

License plate number

The camera devices have processor thanks to which it is possible to implement analytical algorithms allowing automatic recognition of license plates, and thus detection of a defined area by a motorized customer. Occupancy detection takes place on the principle of a digital analytical reading.

Informs you

about the amount of space in the parking lot

The detector measures the distance cyclically every several hundred milliseconds. The occupancy status is signaled by lighting the high-brightness LED indicator. One device is able to observe up to 6 parking spaces, 3 on each of the lenses.

3MP HD camera

used in low-light environment

LED with high brightness RGB - green, red, magenta, yellow, amaranth, dark blue, white, yellow

Energy saving - LED with very high brightness and low consumption

Built-in iBeacon module supporting navigation via APP

2 RJ45 interfaces supporting POE

One camera supports

MAX. 6 places


Each device informs the customer about vacancies in the area of 6 parking spaces by means of an external LED signal light with high brightness.





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